UI Design

A collection of hi-fidelity wireframes and prototypes done using Figma.

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UI Design & Prototypes

First ever wireframes in Figma

Happy Campers Mobile App

The first project I did in my UXUI Bootcamp was a travel app called, 'Happy Campers'. To the left are some of the wireframes I did in my class, using Figma.

Below are updated versions I did for fun. Hi-fidelity wireframes in Figma. I also put together a prototype in Figma to show some interaction.

Happy Camper Hi-Fidelity Prototype in Figma

Mindful Mobile App

This is a wellness app to help users practice mindfulness with things like guided meditations, yoga, and breathwork. Below are the screens I designed in Figma. But if you check out the prototype below, you can see the interaction I designed for the loading screens!

Hi-Fidelity Prototype in Figma

Squad Up! Mobile App

An app to help people find friends to go to concerts and festivals. This app would allow people to connect with others with the same music taste, stay safe in a group, and have fun!

Below are the hi-fidelity wireframes I designed in Figma, and a prototype in Figma below that.

Hi-fidelity prototype in Figma

DailyFitSpo Mobile App

An app for a gym with both online, and in-person classes. This was actually for a quick design challenge. I focused on the 3 main screens for the app. Below are the hi-fidelity wireframes I did in Figma.

Adopt Don't Shop Mobile App

An app to help connect the many Animal Shelters and Rescues around the United States, to help them find homes for the animals.

I designed hi-fidelity wireframes, and focused on making the landing pages interactive for the users. You can check out the prototype I did in Figma, below

Hi-Fidelity Prototype in Figma